Miscellaneous Work

This page is all about any type of work that doesn’t fall into my Astronovus Game Design category or 3D work.  This could range anywhere from hobby crafting to short story writing to comics and more.


The following set of images are of the process my friend Jim and I went through to create a piece of terrain for Warhammer 40K (miniature war-gaming) out of rigid insulation.  The process was extremely fun and only took one evening to complete with the possibility that we may have contracted some kind of cancerous disease from the massive amount of fumes we ended up inhaling over a three or four hour process.  The hot knives we used were fairly small, no bigger than an exacto knife.  This proved terrible as we realized later that we need a good assortment of sizes and styles to properly cut the insulation to our liking.  We only had a few dollars between the two of us though so we had to make do with the $15 piece we picked up from the local hobby shop.



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