Game Analysis

On this page, I will include documents and videos from my previous work at the New Media Communications Laboratory as well as any work I perform in the future regarding game analysis (with the exception of pieces dealing with Astronovus, which will be located in the Astronovus page). ________________________________________________________________

These game analyses were written back-to-back in late December, 2010.

Machinarium Game Analysis

Star War: The Force Unleashed Game Analysis


In this first video I created for the New Media department, I discuss how video games have evolved in storytelling capabilities over the years and provide a myriad of examples of how games can communicate story to the player – both effectively and ineffectively.

Storytelling in Games


In this second video, I discuss the concept of a nonlinear experience using Mass Effect 2 as an example.  Be careful though, this video has spoilers-galore.

Nonlinear Storytelling


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