Astronovus: Mercenary Company is the working title for my Pen & Paper Tactical RPG.  The goal of the design is to mix the storytelling structure of traditional pen and paper games such as Dungeons & Dragons with the combat structure of a miniature wargame such as Warhammer 40,000.  In its Alpha stages I will be compiling all of the necessary components for the game to function at a base level and begin refining key portions such as character creation and combat along with the lists of skills, abilities, powers, and chapters necessary to communicate how to play certain characters.  I will continue to keep this site updated with the most current version.

COMPLETE DOCUMENT: Astronovus Alpha 0.2.23 (updated January 20th 2012)

Notes for Jan 20th Update: I have added in chapters explaining the roles of the Medic and the Engineer and deleted the Adept chapter, moving their powers section to the Traits and Abilities chapter, along with their mishaps.  I have also added in two new skills for the Engineer, the Android skill and the Turret skill.


February 28th 2012

CURRENT WORK (CHARACTER CREATION): Character Creation Chapter (0.2.24)

CURRENT WORK (INTRODUCTION): Astronovus Introduction (0.2.24)

Notes for upcoming versions:Version 0.2.23 is the most recent full document I have.  I have recently been working toward 0.2.24 which will feature an easier-to-follow character creation chapter – largely focusing on ensuring that the procedures for character creation are understandable – as well as providing a new introduction with more information on the system the game uses and what players will need to play.  There will also be several smaller changes that I will go into detail about when I have finished 0.2.24.  That update is coming up soon, so keep an eye out for the next big update!


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