3D Work

Initially I created this thinking I could get into selling freelance on sites like TurboSquid.com, but I just simply don’t have the time for it right now, at least not as a full-time position.  This is a chemical tower I wanted to use in a refinery plant scene, as much of it as possible was created with an element of realism in mind.  The pipes on top would lead to other towers, the dome would act as an intake for chemicals and a housing for fumes, the large cylinder would be the chemical storage, there is a drain valve at the base and there is piping stemming from the top of the dome down to the base of the tower.  There I have placed two small valves where dangerous fume build-up could be released safely.  I have an issue with creating things without considering how they would be used by the imaginary populace.  I need some amount of realism to help me understand what it is I am building and what details should be put into it.  If you would like to purchase this item, it is on TurboSquid.com, you follow a direct link here:

Purchase Chemical Tower





The following two images are incomplete soldiers I was working on for the Astronovus universe.  This was made utilizing Autodesk Mudbox, a wonderful tool that I constantly preach as the easiest program I have used for creating organic shapes to date.  There are still many pieces that need to be completed (the legs need to be finished, the back refined, the torso made to be more fitting, etc.) but I believe this to be a good start for visualization of the coming universe.  Most of the visualization pieces are for my own benefit, making it easier for me to convey the images to people who have no idea what I’m talking about when presenting the concept to them.  The completed piece will be posted later.


The picture below is some preliminary body armor I was designing as a visualization component for the Astronovus universe.  I was thinking it would be some average, low-grade military body armor for the common soldier.  I made a weapon for visualization purposes but it needs quite a few changes in order to be fit for previewing.  This was actually a challenging piece though because I was working in Autodesk Maya (which I still hold as a tool made as a joke as the global population’s expense due to the large number of glitches that I and my classmates constantly run into) and working in Maya to create organic shapes proved more difficult than I anticipated.


The video below was my very first 3D project.  It shows that fact heavily in that much of it is rough and poorly lit, and given the option, I would definitely rework this project into a better portfolio piece.  This is impossible though as the files required were erased within only months after completion when my hard drive completely died.  It is important to know where you began however so you can see what mistakes you made early on and can practice more on ensuring that they are not repeated.

The goal of the project was to simply create two environments and have a portal connecting them (which was made easy with the use of Final Cut Pro).  I had grand ideas in the beginning of the project, but time was constantly crushing down and compromises had to be made in order to complete the project.


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