Updates on Design Work

Astronovus: Mercenary Company is now on an indefinite hiatus.  Finishing the design for that game will be a goal for the future, but the scale of the project is too large for me to take on alone at this point in time.  Instead,  I have recently been working heavily on a level design project utilizing the Elder Scrolls Creation Kit titled, “The Tomb of Ansaris Vahrline.”  The “Tomb of Ansaris Vahrline” has been designed to be a 3-level dungeon overrun by a large number of necromancers and their slaves.  The story in brief is that a necromancer organization has undertaken great archaeological efforts to uncover this tomb, but no one is quite sure as to why.  If the player chooses to embark on this adventure, they will discover that this tomb houses the corpse of a once-mighty necromancer, Ansaris Vahrline.  His significance lies in his knowledge of the Forgotten Prince, Nefkymnath (the Daedric Prince of un-life and immortality).  By venturing through the tomb, the player will discover the necromancer’s intentions and discover that there are darker events afoot than initially believed.  I have the map for the entire tomb drawn out and I am currently working on level 1 of the dungeon in the Creation Kit.  Level 1 comprises of the Overseer’s Chambers, Slave Quarters, and the first two (from left to right) cavern crossings.  The current design map is below, but it is subject to changes as I see them necessary.  I will later be posting screenshots and videos of my work within the Creation Kit as well as a design document later down the line.

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