A Lesson Learned

Since early January, I have been working on Astronovus as an independent study under the supervision and guidance of Dr. Gerald Voorhees.  Throughout this passed term I feel like I have learned a lot about the game design process – but the most important lesson I have learned is the necessity for documents outlining goals and objectives.  In the early stages of the project, I assumed that these documents were simply for the purposes of communicating the information to other parties – this assumption has cost me a lot of time for aspects of gameplay that might not even come to full fruition.  While I cannot deny the fun and excitement of essentially “discovering” what I wanted in the game as I went along, it did cost me a lot of valuable time that could’ve been spent designing the core components more clearly and playtesting them.   So a hard lesson has been learned and I am now going to be working on the design on a macro level, slowly moving inward as I solidify the processes of the game.  The documents I have on the website are, for the time being, still considered to be part of the game.  I will be working more on addressing the macro level issues and posting the documents on this portfolio blog when they’re finished.

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