Is an Overhaul Impossible?

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about how I want Astronovus to turn out, but honestly I have been hitting several roadblocks in the process and I think it’s because the entire project isn’t turning out as I want it to.  Though I haven’t created a full game before, I do believe that in order to make a game, the creator would at least have to say it’s something they would play and so far the entire game is turning out bland and repetitive, mostly just taking the rules from other games and setting them in a universe I want.  I am going to change this.  The kind of games I enjoy most are RPG’s (Elder Scrolls series, Diablo series, Mass Effect series, etc.) and tactical games including the Dawn of War series, Chess, Starcraft, and most recently Gratuitous Space Battles.  I am going to try and mix the fun elements of a pen and paper RPG with the enjoyment of tactically defeating an opponent.  I am not quite sure of how I am going to do this, but I will be drafting some ideas and I’ll be updating the Player’s Handbook that is posted on the Astronovus page accordingly when I begin filling in the details.

As a side note, I will also (over a period of time) work on making this site more visually appealing. I am going to be learning some basic web design skills while I work on various projects so this portfolio will hopefully be nice and spruced up soon.

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